Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach

Introducing Anthropology: An Integrated Approach

Michael Alan Park McGraw-Hill Higher Education 4th Edition ISBN: 9780073405254 E-ISBN: 9780077254452
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Michael Alan Park’s well-paced explanations and inviting tone make Introducing Anthropology a pleasure to read. As the breadth and complexity of the field of anthropology has increased, most texts for introductory-level, general anthropology courses have become longer, but this concise book offers a tightly managed amount of detail in an accessible, student-friendly format. The unique holistic approach focuses on the integration of the biocultural nature, evolution, and behavior of the human species. Students that choose the VitalBook version of this title have access to powerful digital learning tools. Students can share notes with others, customize the appearance and layout of the content, and organize all their digital course materials from a single program. VitalSource is a downloadable eBook. Students can install their eBook on up to two machines. Students can also print sections of the book for maximum portability.

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Table of Contents

  • Front Matter
  • 1: DOING ANTHROPOLOGY: Defining the Discipline
  • 2: HOW ANTHROPOLOGY WORKS: Methods of Inquiry
  • 5: OUR PLACE IN NATURE: Humans as Primates
  • 6: EVOLUTION: The Large-Brained Primate
  • 7: REPRODUCTION: The Sexual Primate
  • 8: HUMAN VARIATION: Biological Diversity and Race
  • 9: FOOD: Getting It, Growing It, Eating It, and Passing It Around
  • 10: NATURE OF THE GROUP: Arranging Our Families and Organizing Our People
  • 11: COMMUNICATION: Sharing What We Need to Know
  • 12: MAINTENANCE OF ORDER: Making the Worldview Real
  • 13: CULTURE CHANGE: Theories and Processes
  • 14: THE EVOLUTION OF OUR BEHAVIOR: Putting It All Together
  • 15: ANTHROPOLOGY IN TODAY'S WORLD: Problems and Contributions
  • Back Matter
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Photo Credits
  • Index

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